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Hi guys, I just replaceed the yellow plastic lenses in the instrument cluster of my '73 GTV with sparkling new glass. It looks great but now my fuel press light is always on. It is always lit with ignition on / engine off or when running. Plus the oil press gauge which used to go from zero to 3/4 when rev'd, now goes from 3/4 to pegged when rev'd. And sits at 3/4's at idle.

I very carefully replaced every wire as they were found. I made sure the ground was good and tight. I did replace the hazard switch at the same time I did the lenses. (Old one was popping out on its own. And I was also careful to install each wire in the exact location as the old ones).

On the mechanical side, the car has Dellortos. The gas tank was sprayed and a new fuel pump and all filters were replaced a few years back. The car was running great the last time I drove her and still does. All fuses intact and fuel pump is running.

Anybody have any idea where I should be looking behind the gauges as I really feel it is related to the minor maintenance I did. Would the shared ground on the hazard switch and the hazard light impact just the oil gauge and fuel press light???

Thanks in advance
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