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oil for 1982 gtv2.0

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Hello guys, its going to be one year since I am the proud owner of my gtv2.0 and its time for an oil change. The car had rings changed before I purchased it. It has a strong engine, with cams (don`t know the specs since the previous owner didn´t), balanced and other goodies the original owner did before he needed money and sold it to his friend who later sold it to me...
I wanted to know which oil weight would be adecuate for this engine, here in Peru we have a very stable temp ranging from 13-30 ºC. The car is only driven on weekends and sometimes on more days. An Alfa fellow told me to use 20W-50, the manual tells other oils so I would appreciate your thoughts on this one. The car currently has castrol mineral oil, it would be good for Castrol magnatec (10W-40) semi synthic oil?
Do you recommend synthetic or semi- synthetic oils? Does anybody out there use valvoline? (I was asking this because this alfa guy who has a shop used this oil)
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I have used Valvoline, but prefer their racing oils over their 'regular' oil. In the Alfa's, I have almost always used Kendall GT1 20W-50 or straight 50W. If it gets real cold, I might drop to 40W, but that's rare.
I have used synthetic (Mobil1), but it tends to leak a lot more from any seal or gasket that is not perfectly tight. I did use it in my '03 pickup, but recently switched to semi-synthetic.
I would always go for the synthetic as it gives much better protection especially on startup and your car is used only occasionally, not everyday. The important thing however is the grade of oil and I would within your mild temperature range not go below 50 viscosity grade. It doesn`t really matter in the temperature range given the winter viscosity rating but 15w or 20w would be ideal. Any readily available suitably graded oil would be ok-ideally from one of the international oil companies but I`ve been quite happy with Mobil 1 but even happier with Amsoil (one big disadvantage is not as easy to get). Generally oil leaks are no bigger issue in my experience with synthetic than they are with non synthetic.

Richard J

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Finding synthic 20-50 here is very dificult, its easrier to find 10-40, car doesn´t leak, and as the oil I use is very good I think it would have cleaned all the carbon and leaks would have started. I think I´ll probably go for synthetic this time to see how we go.
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