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I just changed my oil a few weeks ago. The cartridge filter was just as messy as the screw-on type. Once loose, I had to tip it in order to clear the bolt inside the cannister. But that's what old t-shirts are for right? Caught all the spilt oil from the cannister and didn't spill a drop on the driveway.

Love that Castrol GTX 20w50. Ever since I pulled the valve covers on my '70 Impala and found no sludge, I've stuck with it. That land yacht had over 176,000 miles on the clock.

I had a dumbguy moment the first time I tried changing the oil in my last '67 GTV. I worked on the cannister with an oil filter wrench for a half hour. I finally noticed the 17mm nut on top and viola! Duh yup. At least I got a good laugh out of it. Hey, if you can't laugh at yourself someone else sure will.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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