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This week I found most of the oil had disappeared. The oil level on the engine was on low and the second jug of oil I had was already empty because I had to top up the oil so often. I had enough of that brand.

So, I went to another shop and found BP Visco 5000 10w40 semi-synthetic for 22€ (4 liter jug). I'd been paying 35€ for the 5 liter jug of the other brand.

Two days ago, I changed the oil for this new one. Now I don't have low pressure issues, it goes up to 4 bar at 2000-ish rpm, whether cold or warm. The valves sound quieter too.

Will see how much oil it burns from now on. I did have little leaks on the exhaust side valve cover and drain plug but it's all fixed now.
What was the "other brand?"
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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