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Oh no Another tire size Question

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Will a 205/60/15 on a 15x7 with 30mm offset fit without rubbing on a 74 GTV?
Seems the speedo would be more in the ballpark than the 205/55's and would be a softer ride. Another choice I like for this wheel is 195/60/15 but the speedo would still be off. Maybe I shoiuld give up on the speedo thing. The 195/60 might be a safer fit inside the wheel. Anyone tried a 205/60/15?
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Looking at my car with that size/offset wheels with 205/55-15 tires, my feeling is it would be very tight with a 205/60-15.

Thanks Joe!
Yeah I'm thinking I'm going to try the 195/60/15's. They are taller than the 205/55's but I'm hoping the narrower tire will fit within the well enough so as to not hit anything. Still not going to be an accurate speedo though. Oh well.
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