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OE Clutch Master Cylinder Question

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Does anyone know if the OE clutch master cylinder on the 164 is by ATE or some other supplier?

Clutch pedal is getting wonky on the Red Car. And yes, I pulled the damper long ago.

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Maybe Bendix Italia as I think the clutch slave is Bendix.
My old one I took off last year was bendix. ciao jc
Were you able to get a new Bendix unit to replace it?

Nasty job, isn't it?
Bendix but the aftermarkets are good too.
Either that or Delphi, I dont remember. No matter as I am happy with it. You want me to chase one down for you for next week? R+R was outlined here. Not bad at all.

Ciao jc
I found and I'm not sure it's euro specific, there are 2 types depending on how the fluid pipe mounts. I'll dig round and see what I can find as far as my pics go. ciao jc's the one I installed. The tube exits the end. Other types exit the bottom front.


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