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Odd Problem 94Q

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I drove the '94Q to church this morning and on the way back I was cruising in 4th about 50 mph, when the car just cut out entirely and then went back to like normal. It did this once before but I didn't think there was much to it, until it did it again today. No warning lights, didn't trip a code light...nothing, just cut out momentarly.
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Prayer. More prayer...
USed to happen to me too

in the auto LS -- would be driving along, and momentarily (less than 1 second) everything woud shut down, then back on again. It was weird. I never found a root cause but it stopped doing it. I had thought ignition switch or fusebox so I cleaned those up as best as I could, -- also the 40 amp fusebar--- but who knows---

prayer is always a good idea!
Sounds like the start of a failing ignition switch. If it does it again or you want to be reading if it stalls on you have a jumper ready to jump between red and brown wire at connector to switch under dash.
94/95 LS/Q's are susceptible to this cutting out and restarting if the electrical connections are not cleaned and protected with dielectric grease, ESPECIALLY the two power module multi connectors, located below the air filter box behind the lhs of the radiator. These connections are in a particularly dirty environment, subject to water and dirty. I had this bug me in my 94LS for about a year until I went through and thoroughly cleaned the connections with electronics spray cleaner using a tiny brush, and then applying A LOT of dielectric grease before reconnecting.

This completely solved the problem. Has not reoccurred in several years now. Do this with all the connections you can find in the engine compartment before you dig any deeper.

Good luck,
AH HA! Yes, I think you are on to something Del. I am not discounting the ignition switch, but the dirty grounds and connectors could be a most likely culprit. A momentary disconnect from ground could/would give a hesitation but not kick out a code light. When I had the engine/trans out of the '95Q I cleaned all of the grounds with Scotchbrite pads and DeOxit D5 before putting it all back together. This car most likely hasn't had the connectors cleaned, now I have a day project in front of me. :) Thank you everyone.
Ok, now I am really stumped! Lenard came up and we plugged in his computer. The car would not turn on the "check engine light". The car would not start. We jumped the red to brown wire and the car would not start! Hmmm. Checked fuses. Nothing wrong there, all of the electrical works...Wow, this is a hard one. Checked harness connectors, nothing wrong with those, all tight and clean. Even the ones behind the false firewall are good connectors. Engine is grounded good. Ok, what is next? No check engine light coming on, no start condition.

Solution: Yes, Lenard found it. It was the red striped ECU relay under the cover with the fuel pump relay. We swapped the new one out of my 95 and the car started right up. Swapped it back and it was again no start condition. Tried the bad one in my 95 and it wouldn't start. We took the cover off and either the coil has gone weak or the hair thin wire was making intermittant contact.
So, now we all know, if you don't get a check engine light and a no start condition, check the red striped relay! Carry a spare relay in the glove box or you will be stranded.

The problem had Lenard stumped for a while. Many thanks to Lenard for his help in getting my Q back on the road. :D
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Your welcome not to mention the speeding ticket dam CHP plane! The Valentine 1 did not make a chirp. Time to send back for upgrading!

I love electrical problems when it is not my car. Nice to meet the Misses and see your collection and beautiful home. I will send a tow truck up one day for that super sedan.:D
Chris - can you please tell me more about the DeOxit D5, i am often cleaning connectors and looking for good products, i usualy just end up using a dremel but some places are really hard to reach
thanks and have a blessed day
That pesky red strip relay with diode reared it's failure, huh? I do usually carry A SPARE but only had one failure so far and not away from home.

Duly noted and will add to checklist of no start faults.
Jason, DeOxit D5 is a great product that has been something Alfa owners keep on hand. It cleans contacts really well and great for fuse boxes. It isn't easy to find locally. You can find it on ebay, where I bought mine. It is made in San Diego. I bought some kind of a knock off product from a local supply house but it didn't clean contacts nearly as well, so stick with the real stuff.
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