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Odd Modification for a motor mount??

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This picture is taken from a current ebay listing. (item 310288214937) It shows one of the motor mounts having an extra body mounting slot. Has anyone seen one like this or had to modify a mount to suit in this manner. (excel file picture) Thanks


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just a left hand mount modified to fit the right side (or other way round). Parts seem to be just nice for the trashbin...
LOL, it's a real rag ain't it, and a bargain at only $29 + $10 s&h
(attached below for others like me who can't do excel)
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I had bought a new set of mounts from one of the major suppliers and found the transmission would not line up to centerline. I thought because I bought the car with the engine out that there was unseen frame damage. After taking the engine out again, I saw nothing to suggest this. Now seeing this modification, someone else has had either a wrong part supplied or a mis-manufactured mount or there is typically brute force required to align the transmission donut to the frame receiver. If anywhere the truth will come out, it is from this forum. I really need a reasonable explanation.
Thanks to all.
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