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For next NWARC monthly meeting we're set to visit a new star in the Alfa restoration business, Daron Walker, see his shop and meet his crew. Daron started up Vintage Customs a little over a year ago with just himself and one other person. Now they have six people including an interior specialist. Cyndi, Daron's very understanding wife also served as our webmaster and newsletter editor for better than a year. We have a rare opportunity to tour a working restoration shop and ask questions, get answers and see how the work is really done.

Daron is a rare entity. Comfortable in his craftsmanship and not unwilling to share his knowledge, he has shown many of us on the alfabb incredible "how to" tips and shared with us his progress on a number of GTV projects over the past two years. You can check out the thread for yourself, highly recommended reading! (or search out posts from Akitaman)

Let's face it, our cars aren't getting any younger and the day will come, when you need a little expert help in getting your Alfa back on the road. I'm looking forward to getting the Spider down to Daron in 2008 for the start of a long overdue restoration. So show your support for the club, learn a little, drive a little and most importantly, have some fun with your fellow Alfisti!

BE SURE to put Tuesday, October 9th on your calendar! Daron and Cyndi have a BBQ planned with the help of some club funds. The Iniezione will have driving directions and more information and be to you before the event and we'll follow up with another email just to be sure.

Directions: Head south on I-5. Take exit 147 to S 272nd St. Turn left at S 272nd St. S 272nd St makes an S turn and becomes S 277th St. Continue on S 277th St. Turn right at W Valley Hwy S. Turn right at 15th St NW. Turn right at Pike St NW.


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