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With the cancellation of the Ferrari fall foliage run, Kathleen and I decided to get out and have a look at the leaves on Sunday, October 28th anyway. Of course, it would be a lot more fun if there were a bunch of other Alfisti who could come out and play too! I put together a fun run that should give us all a chance to enjoy some great roads, warm and rich fall colors and some pretty darned good food! Here's my plan for our 'Quad-State Quadrifoglio Cente Mille and Octoberfest':

We will all meet up at the Double T Diner in Frederick, MD in order to be ready to leave by no later than 10 AM. Kathleen and I will get a table for as many as have RSVP'd for breakfast. At about 10 AM, I'll hand out the driving directions and then we'll head out using the backroads into rural Virginia, then on into West Virginia, back through Maryland, up through the hills to Pennsylvania and then finally back into Maryland, where we will end up at a nice Bavarian restaurant in Hagerstown for a late 'Octoberfest' lunch at about 2:00 PM. This very authentic Bavarian restaurant has a great German menu and some great beer and wine too! Their weekly special for that week is Rindsroulade (Beef Rolls, stuffed with Pickles, Carrots, Bacon, Onions and served with Potato Snow & Apple-Flavored Red Cabbage). Check out their website at Schmankerl Stube Bavarian Restaurant - Hagerstown, Maryland.

Total driving time is about 2 hours and 40 minutes, but with some necessary stops the drive will take about 4 hours. We'll cover a total distance of about 100 miles (113 miles, give or take). This isn't a high-speed drive. At this time of year, we are bound to encounter other drivers doing the same thing as we are, so it may be a bit of a slow drive. But that gives all the more time to enjoy the leaves! I have found that breaking up the run into a series of legs, with short, 10 minute bathroom and leg-stretching breaks about every 40 minutes or so, makes for a more enjoyable drive.

Kathleen and I are heading out on Sunday, the 28th regardless! So, if you would like to join us, please let me know by e-mail to [email protected] or by calling me directly at 443-275-1834 or 757-636-9513.

Here are the directions I cobbled together. I made a pre-run today and it looks great!:

Start - Double T Diner (5617 Spectrum Dr Frederick, MD) ~ 10:00 AM Stop #1 - Point Of Rocks, MD (40 min, ~ 22 Miles) ~ 10:40 - 10:50 AM Stop #2 - near Harpers Ferry, WV (40 min, ~ 28 Miles) ~ 11:30 - 11:40 AM Waypoint #3 (no stop) - Shepherdstown, WV (19 min, ~ 12 Miles) Stop #4 - Boonsboro, MD (19 min, ~ 11 miles) ~ 12:20 -12:30 PM Waypoint #5 (no stop) - Mount Aetna, MD (15 min, ~ 7 miles) Stop #6 - Waynesboro, PA (21 min, ~ 13 miles) ~ 1:10 - 1:20 PM End - Schmankerl Stube (58 S Potomac St Hagerstown, MD) (23 min. ~ 12 miles) ETA 2:00 PM


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Quad-State Quadrifoglio Cente Mille and Octoberfest


A. Double T Diner, Frederick, MD to Adamstown, MD
1: Start out going NORTHWEST on SPECTRUM DR toward LOWES RD. <0.1 miles
2: Turn RIGHT onto LOWES RD. 0.1 miles
3: Turn RIGHT onto URBANA PIKE/MD-355. 1.5 miles
4: Turn RIGHT onto ARABY CHURCH RD. 0.4 miles
5: Turn RIGHT onto BAKER VALLEY RD. 2.2 miles
6: Turn RIGHT onto FINGERBOARD RD/MD-80. 2.1 miles
7: Turn LEFT onto MD-85/BUCKEYSTOWN PIKE. 0.6 miles
8: Turn RIGHT onto ADAMSTOWN RD. 1.7 miles
9: End At Adamstown, MD
Estimated Time: 16 minutes Distance: 8.96 miles

(Waypoint - No Stop)

B. Adamstown, MD to Point of Rocks, MD
1: Start out going NORTHWEST on MOUNTVILLE RD. 2.7 miles
2: Turn LEFT onto US-15/CATOCTIN MOUNTAIN HWY. 4.8 miles
3: Turn LEFT onto MD-28/CLAY ST. <0.1 miles
4: End At Point Of Rocks, MD

(Short Stop at Train Station – NO RESTROOMS)

Estimated Time: 12 minutes Distance: 7.73 miles

C. Point Of Rocks, MD to Harper’s Ferry, WV
1: Start out on MD-28/CLAY ST. <0.1 miles
2: Turn LEFT onto US-15/CATOCTIN MOUNTAIN HWY. Continue to follow US-15 (Crossing into VIRGINIA). 0.4 miles
3: Turn RIGHT onto LOVETTSVILLE RD/VA-672. 5.7 miles
4: Turn RIGHT onto E BROAD WAY/VA-672. 0.2 miles
5: Turn LEFT onto S LOCUST ST. 0.1 miles
6: Turn SLIGHT LEFT onto S LOUDOUN ST. 0.4 miles
7: Turn LEFT onto BERLIN TURNPIKE/VA-287. 5.7 miles
8: Turn RIGHT onto CHARLES TOWN PIKE/VA-9. 4.6 miles
9: Turn SLIGHT RIGHT onto HARPERS FERRY RD/VA-671. 7.5 miles
10: Turn LEFT onto JEFFERSON PIKE/US-340.

(Rest Stop at Gas Station on corner)

11: Continue to follow US-340 (Crossing into WEST VIRGINIA). 1.9 miles
12: Turn RIGHT onto UNION ST. 0.3 miles
13: Turn RIGHT onto WASHINGTON ST/US-340 ALT. 0.3 miles
14: Continue towards Harpers Ferry Historic Site Parking Lot
15: Head back up onto US-340 W/ JEFFERSON PIKE
Estimated Time: 40 minutes Distance: 27.85 miles

D. Harpers Ferry, WV to Shepherdstown, WV
1: Turn RIGHT onto US-340/VENEZUELA AVE. Continue to follow US-340 S. 2.4 miles
2: Turn RIGHT onto WV-230/SHEPHERDSTOWN PIKE. <0.1 miles
3: Turn LEFT onto WV-230/SHEPHERDSTOWN PIKE. Continue to follow WV-230. 8.7 miles
4: Turn RIGHT onto WV-230/PRINCESS ST. 0.1 miles
5: End At Shepherdstown, WV

(Waypoint - No Stop)

Estimated Time: 19 minutes Distance: 12.01 miles

E. Shepherdstown, WV to Boonsboro, MD
1: Start out going NORTHEAST on WV-230/PRINCESS ST toward CR-17/1/E GERMAN ST. <0.1 miles
2: Turn LEFT onto WV-230/E GERMAN ST. 0.2 miles
3: Turn RIGHT onto WV-480 (Crossing into MARYLAND). 0.4 miles
4: WV-480 becomes MD-34. 9.8 miles
5: End At Boonsboro, MD

(Waypoint – No Stop)

Estimated Time: 19 minutes Distance: 10.61 miles

F. Boonsboro, MD to Mount Aetna, MD
2: Turn LEFT onto N MAIN ST/US-40 ALT/N OLD NATIONAL PIKE. 0.4 miles

(Rest Stop at Alex Gas)

3: Turn SLIGHT RIGHT onto MD-66/MAPLE AVE. Continue to follow MD-66 N. 6.7 miles
4: End At Mount Aetna, MD

(Waypoint – No Stop)

Estimated Time: 15 minutes Distance: 7.26 miles

G. Mount Aetna, MD to Jugtown, MD
1: Turn RIGHT onto MT AETNA RD. 1.3 miles
2: Turn LEFT onto CRYSTAL FALLS DR. 1.1 miles
3: End At Jugtown, MD

(Waypoint – No Stop)

Estimated Time: 7 minutes Distance: 2.57 miles

H. Jugtown, MD to Waynesboro, PA
1: Turn RIGHT onto JEFFERSON BLVD/MD-64/SMITHSBURG PIKE. Continue to follow MD-64/SMITHSBURG PIKE (Crossing into PENNSYLVANIA). 5.8 miles
2: MD-64/SMITHSBURG PIKE becomes PA-997. 2.2 miles
3: Turn RIGHT onto PA-997/CLAYTON AVE. 0.5 miles
4: Turn LEFT onto W MAIN ST/PA-16/BUCHANAN TRL E. <0.1 miles
5: End At Waynesboro, PA

(Waypoint – No Stop)

Estimated Time: 21 minutes Distance: 11.08 miles

J. Waynesboro, PA to Schmankerl Stube Bavarian Restaurant, 58 S Potomac St, Hagerstown, MD 21740 301-797-3354
1: Start out going NORTHWEST on W MAIN ST/PA-16/BUCHANAN TRL E toward N MULBERRY ST. 0.1 miles

(Rest Stop at Rutter’s Gas)

3: Continue to follow PA-316/HAGERSTOWN RD (Crossing into MARYLAND). 2.9 miles
4: PA-316/HAGERSTOWN RD becomes MD-60 S. 8.8 miles
5: MD-60 S becomes N POTOMAC ST/MD-65 S. 0.1 miles
6: End At Schmankerl Stube-Bavarian Restaurant, 58 S Potomac St, Hagerstown, MD 21740, 301-797-3354
Estimated Time: 23 minutes Distance: 12.12 miles

Total Estimated Time: 2 hours, 50 minutes Distance: 100.21 miles

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On Sunday the 28th of October, 26 brave Alfisti met at the Double T Diner in Frederick, MD to enjoy a good look at the fall foliage and straighten out a little blacktop. A great variety of Alfas and even a FIAT/ Bertone X1/9 made for a wonderful mix of cars for the drive. Several Spiders, ranging from Dennis Major's beautiful green 1971 1750 Kammtail to Mike Craig's very well-maintained fleet of Series 4 automatic cars attended. David Wase brought along his very original Rosso GTV 2000 and Rob Landman drove his slightly modified Giulia TI. A couple of GTV6s and Alex and Kathleen's Milano Verde rounded out the group.

Kathleen and Alex Csank organized this event which they called the "Quad-State Quadrifoglio Cente Mille and Octoberfest". To acheive the "Quad-State" part of the title, the drive took the intrepid travelers on backroads which touched Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland and Pennsylvania. Although we aren't sure that anyone saw any clover, the "Quadrifoglio" term could certainly be applied to some of the spectacularly-colored autumn leaves scattered so delicately across the landscape, like the chocolate and sugar sprinkled over a Black-Forest cake. The "Cente-Mille" was covered by the 100.21 miles of the planned route. Oh, and while we are on the topic of Black-Forest cake, the ride ended at a very authentic Bavarian restaurant in picturesque Hagerstown, MD thus marking the "Octoberfest" part of the ambitious title. Some highlights of the ride included a quick trip through the quaint and historic villages of Harper's Ferry and Antietam, and some fine Bavarian fare at the Schmankerl Stube Bavarian Restaurant in historic Hagerstown.

Along for the ride, Mike Craig showed up with a whole fleet of Spiders and an entourage of "Mike's Chicks" under the erstwhile leadership of Christy, Mike's head "chick". These lovely ladies made sure that Mike's fleet of gorgeous automatic Series four Spiders got a good workout in the autumn sun. Fortunately for us, Todd Rosenthal, President of DC FIATs came along in his Bertone X1/9 and was able to assist one of our group's Spiders back to its home after discovering a bad alternator. Todd, and the Spider's owner Malcolm and his son Brett were able to rejoin the gang later and finish the ride, just not in their own car. As it turned out, that was the only mechanical failure which took place during the ride. Unfortunately, Mick and Mickey Bowers had to experience the joys of AAA towing on their way home from Hagerstown when their L-Jetronic Spider threw its throttle cable.

A few folks joined us at the restaurant after the drive. Bert and Judy Straus arrived in their trusty Giulietta Sprint, the oldest car of the day and Les Smith also found his way to Hagerstown and was able to grab a seat, a beer and some Spaetzle.

Thanks to everyone who participated. Perhaps we should make this an annual event?


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