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O2 Sensor

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I put a TS in an Alfetta GT but never installed an O2 Sensor. The car runs great, but if I get one, what difference will it make?
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What system are you using for fuel management? Depending on the system, the oxygen sensor sends a signal to the ECU, which is interpreted by the ECU to establish the air/fuel mixture at that moment, and in turn the ECU determines if there is an adjustment needed and what amount of fuel to deliver. Of course, this happens very quickly.

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It's got Bosch Motronic.
Ok, I am far from knowledgeable in the TS with Motronic set-up, since I live in the U.S., where these were never imported. (Hopefully, other BB members will chime in.) Nonetheless, I'm sure that the oxygen sensor in this set-up at least, is not needed. The oxygen sensor is needed only if you have a catalytic converter, and in that case, it is used by the ECU to prevent running too rich a mixture, which would ruin the cat. This is information that I gathered a while back from speaking with someone who is very familiar with the TS and Motronic set-up, but who does not post on this BB.

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I do not have a cat on my Alfetta. Just straight through mufflers and an ANSA tail section.
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