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NOS ignition switch w/key for 105/115 Sedans SOLD


Here’s an ignition switch with an original key which I believe fits a 105/115 sedan. I purchased this off Ebay from a reputable Alfa repair shop as a NOS item intending it for my GTV, however I discovered the workings are oriented for installation on the LEFT side of the steering column instead of the right, as needed for a GTV or Spider. As far as I can determine, the innards cannot be flipped to convert it. Note that this version has the GAR. key position, which I understand is equivalent to an accessory position.

Although there's no original box indicating the part number, and aside from some old masking tape, dust, and shelf wear, I have no reason to doubt its a new switch and key.

More photos are available. If any of the info I've provided seems off, please let me know and I'll make appropriate corrections.

I’d like to trade this for a new correct switch with an original key, or will sell outright for $100. USD, plus whatever the shipping cost works out to be.


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