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SOLD Offering quantity 2 NOS Alfa Ricambi Originale synchronizer rings. Just removed each from its box and anti-corrosion paper. Part number 60522434.

These will fit any moly type transmission or transaxle (i.e. anything except Giulietta, Montreal, and 164).

The last photo attempts to compare one of these genuine Alfa rings to a common aftermarket ring. Note the finer moly coating, machined vs hand file finishing, smoother profile, etc. I also placed one of these NOS rings into a NOS dog ring and the fit is perfectly round unlike aftermarket units I've encountered which are sometimes slightly oval shaped. Hopefully the photo is high enough resolution to show this. In person the differences are obvious.

Price is $150 each. If you buy both I will ship for free Priority in the USA. I have other transmission parts available. SOLD thank you.


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