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NOS Carello inner headlight 1750/2000 GTV/Berlina

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Hi All,

I've got a NOS Carello inner light for the 1750/2000 GTV/Berlina. Note it's for left hand drive cars.

It's on ebay here.

Happy to ship to anywhere.

I'm clearing out a lot of 105 parts I've accumulated so have a look at my other listings :)

Cheers, Damien
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Hi Damien

How much for ship this to Uruguay, South America?



I stand to be corrected but I am pretty sure that the number on the box is not a match for that headlight. I've looked at my own notes, taken from other lights over the years, and I think this is more likely to be (Carello #03.483.816), i.e. the outer headlight for a LHD 1750 GTV/Berlina. The lens pattern is non-directional on an inner light.

Maybe someone with an original LHD 1750 can confirm. Hope this is helpful.


Hi Alex, thanks for that info. You're right about the non-directional pattern on the inner lights. It's not a 7" light, so it's not an external light for the 1750 or 2000 GTV, so I think it must be an outer headlight for a LHD Berlina 2000.
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