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I Just stumbled across this post from Dark011 back in November of 2010 about his GTV6 Grand Prix in Toronto.

Yes, I think mine might be the only Grand Prix in NA, given that only about 800 were manufactured, mostly for Europe, but also for Australia I believe. Mine was originally sold in Spain, and resided in the UK long enough for the spare wheel well and the rear of the trunk to develop significant rust.
And here I thought my Silver Car was the only Grand Prix in North America. Would love to learn more about this car if it is still around. Some pictures would be nice too.

By the way, my car also has a bit of rust in the rear trunk behind the spare tire. Must be from the years it spent in Luxembourg before being exported to Italy in 1992. My car was off the road from 1992 to 2012 when I bought it in Italy.

Pic below of Silver Car with red Balacco S.E. of AlfaSatisfaction 76 taken some time ago at a resort near where I live.


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