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Non Alfa you "test drove," didn't buy but should have.

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This is my downfall:(. Only 500 were made of these in the first year. The 1965 Mustang
GT350 as modified by the shop run by "Ol Shel hisself. It ran a solid lifter, weber carbed option, side exhausted, stiff low geared rear, 289" motor that gave a bit over 300 hp.:). Could have bought her for $3K in 1971 but didn't:(. Wayy wayy out of my price range now but it doesn't matter - no room's left.

1965 Mustang GT350

They went a little soft with um in 1966 (photo) and built 2 or 3x the original 500 production amount. I think they softened the suspension a bit, exhaust went out the rear and they had the (phony?) rear brake ducts on the side. After '66, it became a tape car with a different body style.

I still think they are wayy cool cars - especially when you hear 'em run with the solid lifters:).

Here's a '65.

I'll take the '65 being the purist I am - cleaner looking, more exclusive and built to run.
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Cory Youngberg's Flaminia Coupe. Drove it Sunday, procrastinated my decision, was gone Monday - But went to a fellow Alfa BB member.

That thing drove so nice and smooth and got me addicted to the great Lancias.


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Its been over ten years ago, but I'm STILL kicking myself for not buying this 1955 Parilla! Built originally as a 175cc "SS" racing motorcycle, it was campaigned throughout Europe & came 4th. in its class at the Isle of Man in 1956! This picture is after its 3rd(& final) restoration in 1991, the owner bored the 175cc to 250cc--this is what deterred me from buying it--everything else is original, although some original pieces were chromed. The Parilla handled beautifully & was exceptionally fast for its age & engine size. I've never ridden another 250cc that was even close! This picture's angle doesn't show the motorcycle at its best:

OUCH! I just kicked myself again!



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