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My 75 TS 1989 has recently started making noise from the rear during accelerations. Noise appears to come from the rear of the car and disappears when cornering left while still accelerating. Gear, engine or vehicle speed doesn't seem to affect the noise. Side driveshaft rubber boots seem to be in good condition so I do not suspect them. The gearbox should also have enough oil in, although this is hard to measure. Rubber parts in the powertrain on the other hand could probably cause this noise and so I have been gathering parts for a replacement operation.

Now I am missing the center bearing for the driveshaft and as the old one is still on the car, I thought I could just find new one from a bearing shop if I get the details of it. From the new center bearing support I can measure diameter of 53,3 mm (which seems a bit weird, I'm not completely sure it is the right surface I'm measuring), if it's any help. So if anyone has measured the bearing, I would be very happy to know the dimensions and the bearing type.

Any suggestions to the cause of the noise are also welcome, my own suspicion is a change in the engine - driveshaft - gearbox alignment, which I mean to fix by changing engine rearmount, driveshaft center support + bearing and gearbox mounts.
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