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Hi folks, I have an 86 spider Veloce. When I take a voltage reading at the windshield washer pump connector, unplugged, using my power probe, I'll get 11.8V. When I connect the washer pump and back probe the connector, I get .1V- 0V.

When I bought the car in '13, I was troubleshooting a headlight issue and changed out the multifunction switch thinking my old one was causing the issue. It wasn't, it was just a fuse. I left the new/used assembly in situ though. I do remember finding out that the old washer pump was squalling at that time, and the washer hose was clamped shut. I'm pretty sure that was before the 2nd switch install.

Do you guys think that the problem is in the 2nd multifunction switch not letting juice flow under load? What else could cause this? I still have the original unit and am thinking of putting it back in, but not crazy about the job.

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