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No Start

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I finally got around to troubling shooting the no start on the red 164S. I had to wait until I got most of my tools moved from the green house to the new garage. All injectors are firing. I had trouble with them when I started the newly rebuilt engine. That's Steve for the 12V shock tip, but no go this time:(
I tested the fuel pressure. Only 10 psi at the rail, and drops quickly to "0" as soon as power is removed from the relay:(. This no start condition started very soon after I ran out of gas. Fortunately there is only 1/8 in the tank. I'm not looking forward to diving into the trunk to retrieve the pump, but what's an Alfisti to do?
The silver 164B really needs to be retired, so this red 164S needs to be the daily driver. I need about 3 months off work to finish Alfa projects and complete work on the house.
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Sounds like the fuel tank and pump you never went into when you installed black (ice) 164S engine has finally bit the dust and you need to be a trunk/tank diver.

Bet you need a new fuel pump mount rubber bushing and submersible hose(s) depending on VIN and a cleaning out of filter basket.
Your right. I did almost everything else to that car to make it reliable. I thought about pulling the pump and doing the hoses at the time, but thinking about it didn't get the job done:)
The pump runs and seems to put out good flow. I think it's ok; however, I bet the basket has trash and hoses are bad. Maybe I should put a new pump in anyway if they aren't too much. Where do you get pumps? I have some submersible hose.
I did the hoses in the Black 164S years ago. The experience is still vivid in my a night mare:)
put a new pump in anyway if they aren't too much. Where do you get pumps? )
Never bought a new one. I got used spares don't even remember where I got them. I tested them using 2 cycle oil and gas mix to preserve them. Probably need to test them again with same mix.
RockAuto Auto Parts has five different brand options for pumps. I'm running a Python rebuild and it has been reliable. None of them are particularly cheap though. $140 to $215 or so. I'm sure a local Napa could order one as well.
I got it all disconnected today before we had to leave for Canada to visit my 2 sons, including the one who returned from Japan Wed. I'll pull it out tomorrow morning before we have to go back to Bellingham for a meeting. I have some parts to get there as well. So far the job hasn't really been as bad as I remembered:) BTW, how long are the Allen head bolts that secure the fuel pump to the tank? The ones in there have 4 washers on them. I might try to get some shorter ones.
If I remember right, Steve recommends getting a gasket from Home Depot? I'll try searching for that information.
Pulled the fuel pump to find the rubber seal between thepump body and the internal filter housing swollen and disintegrated. Is there a replacement for the seal?
It's all back together for the 2nd time. Yes, I had to pull the pump twice:(. 1st time is was a split in the fuel pump hose, 2nd time the black wire came off the the cover plate on the bottom side.
I really can't believe how strong this car pulls and how tight the suspension is. It's been a long time since I've driven a 164 with suspension this tight. My 1st Alfa was a black 164S with only 19,000 miles. This car pull stronger than that one. I can't be happier with the engine rebuild:)
Glad to hear you got it sorted once again. I will be starting on a black 164S after May 11 so I will see what that involves into.

I may finally end up with a S keeper in my stable. I can always put in my good Verde Recaro if need be to fit in the car. I could hardly fit into the red one I recently sold.
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