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No Coil Spark ?

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:( I just finished painting the engine bay on my Alfetta GT and now I may have induced some electrical gremlins. Here is the chain of events.

1. Smoked the points due to wrong wire placement on the coil. Replaced with new set and checked timing for top dead center on #1 cyl.

2. Got engine running again but found distributor looking bad inside cap due to high heat from points burning up. Replaced with new cap. Also engine temp gage now pegs to full hot when engine switch is turned to on.

3. Coil now does not have any spark when engine is turned over. Had spare coil to check if it was a bad coil but it too has no spark.

4. Since I moved all the wires to paint could this be a bad grounding wire issue or a short in the wire harness? As I did not match mark any of the wires to components I am scratching my head and thinking I may have crossed wires but where is the question. :mad:
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sounds like some bad grounding issues to you have a ground strap on the engine?
Do you have the temp wire hooked to the coil?
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