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Fellow Alfa BB Members,

Over the past few months there has been an increasing trend towards posting adverts in the various Production Model Forums instead of posting them in the correct "Cars for Sale" or "Parts For Sale & Wanted" Classified Forum. Your Moderators have been spending increasing time moving adverts to the Classified Forum.

In the past, we allowed occasional ads in forums where the cars were produced in low volumes, (Montreal / GTA / Pre-War etc) because there is a limited audience in these specific Forums. This appears to have caused confusion amongst many of the newer members.

The deluge of ads in all the Production Forums is now unsustainable and thus from Monday 5 April 2021, adverts will no longer be permitted in any of the Model Forums. All Wanted or For Sale ads must be posted in the Classified Sections. Adverts placed in the Model Forums after this date will simply be deleted.

Thank you for your cooperation in this regard

The Moderators Team
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Not open for further replies.