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Nippondenso alternator source?

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Does anyone know where to get a genuine Nippondenso alternator of the proper size for generator replacement? All of the suppliers I have found sell only copies made elsewhere.

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I went to a local auto-electric outlet and bought the smallest ND they had on the basis that if it didn't fit it could be returned.

Never did get the model number, but it puts out some 48 amps compared to 28 for the original Lucas.

The mystery about the fit was the instal of the 2 L at the canted over angle that diminishes space for the alternator--it fits.:)

Also with the single wire set up the voltage regulator was no longer needed.

Two potential agents of unreliability have been removed.:):)
I got mine from I found Racecar OE Supply to have the best price on these small alternators. Their website is a bit hard to navigate - from their homepage, go to "alternators", then to "1-WIRE SELF-EXCITING ALTERNATORS", then look at their A800. The web page describes it as a Nippondenso.

I wrote a thread on installing and wiring these alternators a few months back - you might search for it.

Race Car Supply has a great line of alternators but they are straightforward in calling the A800 a "Nippondenso Type" alternator.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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