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I am active in the local and national Alfa Romeo Clubs. One reason I can afford to be is an amazing mechanic who helps me keep my cars on the road. This Alfa technician has been working on a 164S with 176,000 miles that he is ready to sell.

He got the car from a customer because it had a timing belt issue. He fixed the belt and did a valve job on the car. But he didn't need it so now he's asked me to sell it for him.

This car has all of the 164S (Sportivo) top-of-the-line equipment. Power everything, including sunroof, which works fine. All the switches work on the power seats, pretty unusual... Lots of stuff works in fact.

It does have some issues though. While the paint is presentable overall, the clearcoat on the hood is shot and it needs to be repainted to look good. The headlight washer nozzles are missing. The car has an upgraded stereo and speakers but I can't get them to work (not a code issue but wiring I am pretty sure). The interior fan is not working.

This car does not feel like its mileage, and the interior is all original and solid too (seats a bit aged but not torn or abused; still comfortable). This is a 164S you can drive as you upgrade it.

This car may pass inspection as it is and it might even be drivable cross-country, but it's been driven very little the past four years. I drove it 30 miles home from the shop with no problems, at up to 70 mph.

I have a twin of this car myself, a time capsule with 25,000 original miles. You could probably get me to sell that if you prefer it... But I'd be asking $10,000 for that car (it's appraised at and insured for $15,000) and you could be driving the car listed here, which is it's better travelled identical twin, for 1/5 that amount, just $1,991.00. Buy both 164S's for just $11,800! Or best offer(s); trades considered too!

These Alfa 164s were brilliantly designed and well built. They were considered the best front-wheel-drive cars of their era. The S has 200 horsepower and it puts them to good use. Could anyone find a more interesting or enjoyable car for this kind of money?

Thanks for looking!

Brewster Thackeray
Alexandria, VA


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