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nice Alfa on ebay # 1501 8872 5151

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e-bay # 1501 8872 5151, check it out ,looks nice.....
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eBay Motors: Other Makes : alfe romeo (item 150188725151 end time Dec-04-07 18:15:00 PST)

Please make a link next time, nobody wants to deal with the hassle of doing an item number search.

If you're worried about the length of the url, go to - shorten that long URL into a Tiny URL.


Pretty Milano, the seller has awful feedback rating.

Awful is overstatement. That being said, he IS evidently selling an "Alfe". Weak.
It's not a Milano, it's a 33. Although the ad doesn't say that.. seems to me that the most basic thing to list when you're selling a car is the make and model.. :rolleyes:
Awful is overstatement. That being said, he IS evidently selling an "Alfe". Weak.
I guess feedback ratings are subjective, but 7 negatives in 166 transactions is "awful" in my book. I use the 98% rule - except in unusual cases - whereby I won't buy from anyone with a rating under 98%. I have not been burned since using that rule.

Yes, it's a 33, not a Milano, sorry.


Funny, just an hour ago mI was discussing this very car w/Dean @ Trail Auto. It is NOT mentioned as to the engine size-could be one of several variants. Here in Michigan, one could get plates for the street without any problems. If one wanted to get rid of the boxer engine (for what reason I know not); that would be next to an impossible undertaking considering that as a Type 33; is 'demensionally different than a 'Milano' (as the seller seems to think that his car is that model]...AND...try getting ANY parts for it (if/when required)! Maybe in Europe[as far as I am aware] and consider your checkbook at that time.That being said;it MAY be an interesting project for someone. I 'actually' considered bidding on it (for about 15 seconds)............Ed K.
The cage is a little suspect as well. I do not believe that would be legal in SCCA, NASA or MC. I guess it is for show?
I'm going to get yelled at for saying this but 33s aren't that great to drive. And yes, I've driven one.
I can honestly say that I don't think I'd have the balls to be seen driving around in that.
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