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Sounds worthy of a biography! That seems like an 'intergalactic' mileage (as the English say). What a history... Shame it had to end in such a failure "out of left field"! :(

If prices/availability are anything like they are here in NZ, it would be much more cost-effective to replace the engine complete, keeping your gearbox etc. which I assume must be a well-known quantity for you and well-maintained. A second-hand engine is worth the equivalent of US$500-$1000 around here. Some people spend that on routine servicing of newer cars, so I don't think this is necessarily the economic end-of-the-road for your 164. I also think that the 'S' parts (intake runners, cams, IIRC) could be transferred from yours to an 'L'/'B' replacement.

This engine replacement would be a good father-son (or father-daughter) project I would imagine (I'm not a father...) Otherwise I think it's very noble to give it to a fellow Alfisti who I'm sure would enjoy the project. It would be fair to expect them to assume all transportation/collection costs and I expect it's also costing money to have parked-up?

It's a pity you can't replace it with a 166, as that would be fitting for the loyalty you've shown to the Alfa Romeo over the years. I can't imagine keeping a car for fifteen years. I'm up to four with the Uno Turbo and that's my longest yet...

Anyway, best wishes,
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