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I did the same thing, just replace the motor complete, easier and cheaper.
Either sell the old one for parts or keep it.
Hi Folks,

I've had my 1992 164S since it was nearly new, we spent a wonderful 210K miles together, I'm religious about maintenance as related to safety and performance. Cosmetically it's still very nice (black/black) and drives great.

Unfortunately, I suffered a major engine failure last week. I haven't taken a deep dive into it yet, but I suspect I have at least damaged rod bearings, possible piston/ring damage, perhaps some funny business on the head, all of which appear to have been ignited by a failed oil pump. In any case, it probably needs an expensive repair or a new engine. It just failed smog last month and probably was getting tired anyway.

While I love this car, I've been thinking about something newer and more user-friendly as I aged 15 years since I bought it...seems like it's time to move along. What is the general opinion of the group about what to do with it? The car is located in Pleasanton, CA (in the Bay Area), parked by my office where I drove it just before a long trip overseas, I'm still away.

I suppose I would glady give it away to a good home if I new it would be cared for or at least used to bring other 164s or Alfas to life.

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