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hello - i am in ypsilanti michigan in the usa and just got a alfa.

i need help in figuring year, option codes, build dates (door jamb says 8/70 is this a 70 or 71)

reason for option code requests is because of roll cage and mounting for a 5 point harness in both seat compartments

car looked to be silver in jambs but some moron painted it white

want to do a full resto to this unit as it is in real good shape with a dent in quater

vin is as follows AR1485262

if you can help decode this unit or give me some ideas as to where to look that woul be great

thanks guys

...And why weren't you in Pontiac with the rest of us? ;) There were certainly plenty of knowlegeable people who could have answered questions and given you all kinds of information.

It's not like Ypsi is in the UP or clear across the country. You missed a GREAT convention. Up until this time, Guilietta Gubilee in New Hampshire in 2004 had set the bar to meet; that has been exceeded by the Detroit chapter this year with this convention. Chicago and Portland in 2008 and 2009 have a real challenge ahead of them.

With enthusiastic and heartfelt thanks.....Eric and his Detroit Chapter really showed us a great time with good food, extra special events, and genuine, abundant Alfisti in attendance to enjoy; many old-timers, middle-timers, and some who were at their first convention. What a first convention to is contagious.....
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