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Newbie Alfa fan in NJ, need your advice

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Hello Alfa Gurus,

Nice to meet all of you! My name is Michael and yes, I do want an Alfa. I have always had Porsches and Jags but now I got the itch for something Italian and nothing looks better than a red spider.

Please tell me your thoughts and opinions on this 1974 Alfa Romeo

Is the price right? Any particular questions I should ask before I buy it. I am located in New Jersey so I won't be able to see it in person. I will have it shipped to me.
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Welcome to the asylum! I glanced at the car in your link. It photographs well. The top seems a little worn but quite serviceable. I am not an expert on that model year but I would have expected the upholstery to be leather. The underside looks solid - maybe just needing a good cleaning. As mentioned, I am not up on the Series 2 Spiders but my impression is that the asking price is on the high side of normal but not way out of line.

I would suggest contacting a local Alfa club. A member there would probably be willing to check out the car for you. AROC – Alfa Romeo Owners Club USA - click on 'The Club' then Chapters Search.
Hi Eric, thank you for your feedback. Very much appreciated. I was also expecting to see a leather interior, but I actually don't mind the cloth seats, and if I do not like them I can always have them reupholstered.
Alfafannj, the car looks decent but if buying sight unseen, I would certainly want both a cold start video and a driving video showing it in reverse and up and down through the gears. I would also want a video confirming the functionality of all lghts, gauges, heater fan etc. I just completed a purchase of a Series 2 sight unseen, and the private seller was happy to provide me with the same.
Here is the video on youtube of the car driving and showing lights etc...
I also found this Alfa in NJ: the price is right and its close by. I spoke to the owner today and he said everything works even the heat and a/c is ice cold. (that really surprised me).
If you had to choose, which one would you go for? 1986 Alfa Romeo Spider
Wow, two very different cars with very different prices!

Which one is "best"? Well, you'll know after you've completed the professional, pre-purchase inspections performed. Our opinions make entertaining reading, but without putting the cars on a lift, checking them for rust, compression, etc. we're just guessing.

The '74 is the more vintage of the two. The condition and tune of the Spica mechanical fuel injection should be assessed. Cosmetically it looks OK. Seats were naugahide from the factory. Floor mats are bizarre, but easily replaced. Door panels look nice; don't have speakers cut into them. Dash is probably cracked, but that's normal. Steering wheel, gearshift knob and those mats show the PO like to customize.

The '86 has electronic fuel injection, a more modern system. It appears to be a private party sale, which will typically be cheaper than going through a dealer (like the '74). At $5,500 less, it might be the better deal, all else being equal. But that depends on how much value you place on having a more vintage car.
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That 74 sounds a little noisy under the hood and looks like it needs the drivers side motor mount replaced or both need done.
How good does the drivers door look in person? Something looks a little off. The door gaps are loose looking and the body lines look just a touch out. So does the color shading aft of the drivers rocker. Could be the lighting conditions for all of that, but it looks like a repaired, replaced or reskinned door. Just look really hard at the door including the underside of that door.
Where in NJ are you? There are plenty of decent cars in NJ, NY, PA, I.E. driving distance, unless you are looking for something very specific. I'm in central NJ, the part that doesn't exist. Send me a PM.
I took a look at the fine print on this dealers web site.
Always remember the most important rule in buying a car,
"the big print givith, and the small print takeith away. "
I know these are the rules all dealers play by but just be aware of them:

Gateway Classic Cars shall and will make reasonable efforts to disclose any known defects associated with each vehicle prior to the close of a sale at the buyer’s request.

Each potential purchaser understands it is his/her/their responsibility personally or through a third-party (not Gateway Classic Cars) to inspect any vehicle for potential purchase, and is relying solely on his/her/their own inspection, knowledge and judgment about any vehicle purchased.

Gateway Classic Cars assumes no responsibility for any repair regardless of any oral statements about the vehicle. No allowance or set-aside will be made on account of any omission, error, inaccurate representation, imperfection, defect or damage to any vehicle (*3).

The prices listed exclude tax, tags, title, license, and all other motor vehicle fees, and also exclude a $297.63 document fee.

Typographical errors happen. Gateway Classic Cars is not responsible for any such error in the description or price listed for any vehicle.

Guess why used car salesmen are near the bottom of the "most trusted people in the country" list?..

Get it in writing..
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All great points to consider.
Here is a very nice one a few hours from me. Low mileage too.

Spoke to the salesman, he said it's a one owner, low mileage car and everything works. Tempting....
There is also a decent looking 89 Graduate with a no-reserve auction ending today on bringatrailer.
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