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newbe questions

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I have had a 1987 Spider for about 5 years that has always started on the first crank. I went to drive the car a few days ago after having not driven the car for months. The last time I had driven the car the windshield wipers broke and I think I may have not turned the wipers off.

I replaced the battery and the car started on the first crank. I noticed that a PO had installed an inline 20 amp fuse on the alternate supply cable just before the terminal box that is located on the drivers side inner fender. The fuse had not only blown, the entire fuse and fuse body was melted together. I replaced the 20 amp fuse and fuse body.

Now the car will not start ???? She still turns over but will not start.

In the IAP Workshop Manual it warned not to start the engine without the battery terminals being tight. I made the mistake of not reading the manual until after replacing the inline fuse. I had the battery terminals just on but not tightened. Ouch!

Does anyone have any suggestions about what I may have damaged or my the car will not start?

I replaced my spark plugs because they were looking pretty fouled. Page 00-31 of the IAP manual states that the plugs should be gaped at 5mm or .20 inches ??? It seems that .5mm is closer to what it should be.

Any help would be very appreciated.

Thanks in advance. This is an incredible forum.

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