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New York to California via Giulia Super

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Part one - Introduction:
Purchased in Holland during the summer of 2006, this 1973 Giulia super was quite tired and heading for a scrapyard or perhaps a race track. After a close inspection and test drive I felt it was a good candidate for restoration. The price was right so it was bought and driven for a few weeks around Europe before shipping it home to New York. After about a year of use, a sudden fog of white smoke out the exhaust, indicated the head gasket needed replacing. Rather then rebuild the smaller 1300 engine, I found a ceased 1600 engine in Holland and rebuilt it for eventual use in the super. From November 2010 to June 2011 the super was stripped, welded up and reassembled with plans to attend Concorso Italiano held in Monterey California on Adjust 18th 2011. Several issues came up to delay the completion, including re-building the engine a second time, a defective throwout bearing, defective clutch slave cylinder, delays at the body-shop, etc.

With the Super now completed, the route on the map highlighted and points of interest indicated we are set to depart on Saturday August 6th, on a 8,000 mile round trip. The route from east to west will follow as much of the Lincoln Highway as possible. Along the route we plan to visit many microbreweries and some unusual road-side attractions. On the journey west to east I will be joined by two Dutch Alfsiti who are flying into San Francisco. We will be travailing via a northern route with part of the journey thorough Canada.

Join us on this trip by following our progress with the following tools;

Map of the east to west route via the Lincoln Highway

Map of our current location.

Links of Interest:
Lincoln Highway Association
Lincoln Highway news
Concorso Italiano
Giulia Super re-build photo gallery

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Will the Dutch Alfisti you mentioned be driving their own Alfas? If so, did they ship theirs here or purchase Alfas in the US for the journey? Inquiring minds want to know.

Have a great time!!!
I had a great time crossing from Boston to Berkeley in a 1300 TI two summers ago (there's a thread on it, and another 1300 that was literally a couple days behind me, completely separate). Some long days at the wheel, but I love cross-US drives. Giulia sedans make friends wherever they go, even among folks who've never seen one before. "That so cute; it look like a toy car," church lady outside St. Louis.
As for the two dutchies, they are flying in without their beloved Alfas (GTV2000 and Spider) and are taking turns at the wheel in my Super.

Yes, amazing peoples reaction from the Super so far. Much from non-car people and some from muscle car guys who think its a nova?!!

Updates to follow each day. First tomorrow night from Mid PA.
Roadtrip! How much fun! All the grunting is over and the really hard part starts now! Summer though. Do you have A/C? Just did 3200 RT in a 65 Guilia to the Convention in the 100's+ (8 days on the road). Bring your pressure mister or spray bottle; it was a lifesaver yesterday driving home from Galveston to pick up a new one with 109 deg. No more summer roadtrips for us if possible. Have a ball! We're the "vicarious vacation voyeurs" now!! Bruce
No A/C! Adds too much weight. Vent windows and a northern route. Should be OK.
Fred, been up "north" with 100/100 in Minnesota, 115 heat index in Cincinnati when we passed through recently. And then there's that Utah/Nevada stretch of desert if youi are heading straight across for SFO. We wish you cool fronts and cool weather (but still get that mister . . )

PS: how do you open those vent windows up to act as scoops without busting the rubber inside?
Bruce is right, Fred. Currently there's a "heat dome" occupying the entire central part of the US and this is driving temperatures a lot higher than normal. Having driven through the deserts in hot weather, the best time to do it is to travel at night as much as possible. This is especially true if your buds aren't accustomed to this kind of heat. It'll just be you, the 18 wheelers, and the exenstential romance of desert travel at night. :)

I will follow both of you Fred...

The Dutch are 'cool people', should be okay in the dessert with lots of water...:D

Enjoy and CU in SF! ;)
As Andrew mentioned, I and a friend also drove a Giulia (a '69 ti -- highly modified) from CT to CA two years ago this month. It is still my daily driver. I hope to get up to Monterey with the car -- would like to see yours.
Don't forget Oasis Brewery in Boulder also! Very nice bar scene. You outta have a good buzz heading up to Ft. Collins.
Oh Man!! Ya gotta video a bunch of the trip, have fun with it, share it with us and let me use it on my Alfa show!! My video editor/Co Producer is Dutch!!
I'll be in Boulder in a week, dropping my son at CU. Alas, we're taking the Explorer, not a Giulia. Will stop at Bonneville Sunday AM to see the Salt Flats cars.
Awesome! Would love to do a cross-country one day.

Not a priority, but you will be driving through Mansfield (Lexington) today about the time the Indy cars start at MidOhio. Not that you need any more entertainment. Your plate is plenty full.:D

Happy trails.
Andrew, We're also shooting to make it to Bonneville possibly on Saturday or Sunday depending on our progress.

Not sure about Indy cars... doing more low-key sights this trip.
Day one - Hampton Bays, NY to Bedford PA

We started out the day on sunny and hot Long Island and met up with a fellow NYAROC member for breakfast and a send off. The roads and the traffic getting out of the New York area was horrible as always. Today we planed an extra long driving day to bring us deep into the countryside and onto the Lincoln Highway where we started around the Lancaster PA where the road is most commonly known as RT30.

What a joy it was to get away from the highways and travel via the twisting and sometimes very steep country roads. There are some stop-lights and traffic on this small road but mostly through the small and very scenic towns. The Amish were out in force with their horse and buggies and at this time of year, the farms and meadows were in full growth and very vibrant. There was some heavy rains that kept the temps down a bit.

Some of the sights we visited: Dutch Haven; Amish tourist trap with an awful fake windmill. Lancaster Brewing co. - great food and better beer, the Shoe House - unfortunately closed for visitors but still great to see, Gettysburg, worlds largest coffee pot - not serving today, Lincoln Motor Court - a 50's inn consisting of small 2 bed cottages. Our next day's trip will be less driving more sites as we head towards Pittsburgh towards the boarder of Ohio.

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Ok, an admin detail here, how do you get so many pics to post? It limited me to 5?? Great pics. Beautiful car and sights.

PS: Out next trip in planning is a voyage up your way for a fall leaves tour down the fall leaves route coupled with historical sites. Some shorter ones before that locally (when it cools off, had enough hot drives for awhile).
Well Fred and Beverley, the start of your tour looks great!
For what I see, nice places/buildings/Nord 105, (exept that ugly 'Dutch' windmill, indeed..) :cool:

How is Juul doing?

All the best!

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