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New trans with old bellhousing? (Spider)

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I searched the archives but did not find an answer.

Will a newer transmission from a 91 or 92 Spider mate up correctly with a bellhousing and clutch and driveshaft from my 1985 Spider? Probably a good time to replace the clutch anyway, but not positive about the housing...

Anything else to keep in mind?

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It should, with the only noteable difference being the holes in the edge of the housing where the L-jet flywheel sensors go, which won't affect anything anyway.
Would those holes need to be plugged somehow or am I imagining it wrong?

Nah, they'll be fine open. unless you've got some kind of massive oil leak at the back of the head or cam cover that would let it druel down into those holes and wet the clutch down. (I've had open ones all summer since I converted to aftermarket EFI and removed the sensors. Been fine, even in downpouring rain)

Still, if you feel compelled anyway, a bit of sheet metal and some short bolts will cover them up nicely.
New trans, old clutch cover

all they had to say was ...
YES. It will Work, Fit.............
Sometimes this group wears me out.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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