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I am a former Alfa Romeo Spider Veloce owner (1991) and have recently sold my dear 'sweetheart' - it was not my proudest moment, but had to part with her due to circumstances.
Over the years (even before I found my Spider in 2007), I collected many various Alfa Romeo items including: clothing, OEM parts, OEM dealer optional parts, 2 Original Hardtops (one RED, one BLACK), emblems, and advertising promotional merchandise/products, etc.

Now has come the time to let someone else enjoy, use and appreciate my various 'collection' of items that I have started and will continue listing on eBay, as time permits. Items can be found under user name: bigesize10

I would like to also list all individual items on this AlfaBB as well, but realistically that could be disastrous trying to keep up with the two sites (questions/replies/etc.).

If there are any specific parts (mostly for the Series 4 SPIDER and some parts that also applied to earlier year models), please message me here and please be patient as I do my best to get through this process.

Many Thanks and any words of wisdom or advice is certainly welcome.
Sincerely, Ed
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