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NEW TO ALFA - Looking to Buy 91 Spider Veloce with 151,000 miles. What do I look for?

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Hello Everyone... this is my first post. I'm looking to possibly buy a 91 Super Veloce with 151K asking $6000. The car looks very clean. Interior is clean with no rips or tears. The car is in the care of a local Huntington Beach auto shop that has taken care of the car for years before the prior owner passed away.

What should I be looking for in a car like this?? Any suggestions or ideas to help me would really be great.

Thanks again
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Hi Ed...............Welcome to the BB.

Color is an important factor with Spider's, you will want to stay away from white they tend to break down often and are know to be the slowest of all the Spider's. :D

All kidding a side Alfa's are no different then any other car. How does it drive, check the oil for a milk shake apperance, check for oil/coolant leak between head and block. rust in the rear wheel wells (upper center seam between outer and inner halfs), check exhaust system and brakes.

Figure at 150,000 miles if engine has not been rebuilt before it most likely worn out, check the compression.
Also check things like the clutch condition, electrical issues, transmission grinding, rust, front end tightness, and all service records.
I suggest contacting a local Alfa club and seeking help from a knowledgeable Alfisiti. They will know what to look for when checking out the car and might even know of good Alfas for sale.
Rust is the hardest thing to take care of in those cars.
other things to check are as any other 91 car...
Engine condition, trans' ,shocks etc...
Thanks !!

Thanks everyone for the advice. I might wait a bit for a Calif. car with less mileage to come up.
mileage is just mileage. I'd look into history (or lack thereof) and for rust. From what you've written, I think 6K might be a stretch. The advice to have a club member (or someone who knows) look it over is sage advice.
Thanks !!

Thanks everyone for the advice. I might wait a bit for a Calif. car with less mileage to come up.
More trouble than it's worth, I'm sure...

Yeah, you're probably smart to keep looking...what was the phone number of that shop? ;)
Mileage on an old Alfa is a meaningless number. The question is "what has been replaced, and what needs to be replaced? " How's the compression? Was the car sitting for a long time without being driven? Brake calipers can freeze from lack of use. Rubber rots with age. How are the hoses? If the car has been maintained it may not need much of anything- for that price it shouldn't need much although all Alfa's demand gifts (and black spiders are the most demanding of jewelry).
NOTE: all spiders came from the factory with a crunchy 2nd gear schyncro.

So the advice to have someone look at it is the best route for any spider. Might as well start with this one if you like it.
Mileage on an old Alfa is a meaningless number.
Very true! When given the choice between a twenty year old Alfa with 20,000 miles that had lived outside and was serviced only when it needed it - and a twenty year old Alfa with 120,000 miles that was always garaged and has had proper service - I'll take the higher mileage Alfa.
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