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new tires fitted

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In Italy spring is arriving. I decided to celebrate it with a new set of tires for my '63 Giulia Spider. I bought Vredestein sprint classic, saying goodbye to the old set of Firestone (aged 20 years....).
Set of tires: 59x4=236 Euro (on-line purchased).
Air tubes: 15x4=60euro
Mounting and balancing work: 52Euro
Few km to test this morning, but the feeling/handling was good. Now I'm going to mount a new set of shock-absorbers. Some suggestions for make/model?

1)the old Firestone set
2)waiting to be served
3) new set
4) done!


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La Giulia will come back to life in a comfortable, safe, controlled way.

I have the 155s on my Spider and they are quiet, good in the wet and have predictable characteristics on the track.

Gordon Raymond might tune in on this thread as well and today's new tires for old cars have about 30% to 40% more traction than the best tires from the late 1960s.:cool:

However, the 155s seem just a little wider than the tires on my mountain bike.:eek:

My Sprint has the 165/80/15s --taller is needed because I ended up with a 4.56 diff rather than a 4.3.

They look good.:)
On the shocks:

Koni Classic Reds are on the Spider. Good, but they have to be taken off to change the valving.

Bilsteins have them with external adjustment and so do AVOs.

The latter on are on my Sprint, but the car is not licensed yet--so have no comments on them.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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