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Hello everyone, just a quick introduction.

It's been four or five years without an Alfa in my life, so I had to do something about it!

I have always liked the Sud, but never owned one, so last week i became the proud owner of a '78 series 2 1.3 super. I love it.

It has been well maintained, is in very good condition, seems very solid, runs well, but like any old car can do with a bit of work.

Anyway no doubt I will be on here a bit looking for advice, and hopefully being able to help too!

Its not garaged yet, should be as of next week, but being out in the rain revealed the first problem - water in the footwells! Does this happen to every Alfa! I think so. I don't remember owning one without having to fix this, or not being able to fix in the case of an S4 Spider!.

Anyhow all best

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