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New Spider(to me)

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I justed picked up an '84 spider, in relatively good shape. It sat for years in someones driveway. It has some rust and needs new brake lines before I could really drive it. i have driven it about a mile just to make sure it runs well. It has plenty of power and starts instantly. Top is good and it looks like it will make a good car to restore.
A few years ago I was given an '80 spider veloce. it does run ,but it starts very hard and has little power. A compression test shows low compression on #1 and #2 cylinders. It has been sitting in my barn for 3 years now. Which parts will be interchangable between the cars? Also, the paint is coming off of the Cromodoro wheels, what can be done?
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Hi, welcome to the BB.

Here's a page with lots of info about the various model years of Spiders: Spider FAQ <- link

The '80 model would have had SPICA (mechanical FI) and the '84 has Bosch (electronic FI). Unless the '80 was converted to carbs... Lots of stuff will bolt on but the FI systems are totally different.

See the link in my signature for a page about the Bosch L-jet system.
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