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Hi everyone,

I recently received a 1984 Spider Veloce as a gift from my brother. The car is in amazing condition, but I have been doing some maintenance work on it.

I found a disconnected wire in the engine bay and can’t figure out what it is for. I tried searching but no luck. It has two wires, an orange wire with a black stripe that is hot when the ignition is on and a black wire which I assume is ground.

I looked everywhere for a matching plug, but nothing.

Here are some pictures I took. Any help is greatly appreciated.


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It went to the milage counter box that used to be mounted in the area of your 3rd picture. You can probably still see were the mount bracket was cut away from the body.

It turned on the oxygen sensor light every 30,000 miles. Which was the replacement cycle back then. If you jump the wires together it will light up the O2 sensor light on the console.

Most of the counter boxes are either gone or bypassed. They were known for locking up and breaking speedo cables.
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