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I'm also going to need to restore seats for my '74 spider. I plan to add shoulder belts. Should I try to modify the original seats, or use some later S3 seats?
(I write this same answer about once a month)

When the shoulder harness is anchored below the level of the seatback, extends up through a bracket on the seat, and then goes back down to the attachment point near the driveshaft tunnel, the seat becomes a structural part of the restraint system. In a high G collision, there will be a tremendous downward force on that harness bracket attached to the seat frame. If the seat frame buckles under that force, your spine will get crushed.

Early spider seats were never designed to support these vertical loads. A seat frame compromised by metal fatigue and rust is even less likely to hold up. So yes, use some later S3 seats that were designed to function as a part of the seatbelt system.
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