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I had similar issues with the 74 I am working on. Not quite as significant as yours though but close. Washed everything down with disinfectant soap, really hot water, scrub brushes, scrub pads and rubber gloves. I used very hot water and several applications. When I was finished I used a strong detergent, Marine Clean, and my power washer and hit all of the grille intake areas and cowl areas by the wiper assembly. It's a big job and I ended up taking the wiper assmbly out to get at the area.

I was glad I did as I found the motor was shot on the wipers and needed replacing.

After it was all cleaned, scrubbed and sanded, I primed it with an epoxy primer. Came out great. Will install new drain tubes for the cowl.

The heater assembly and core was cleaned the same way except for the pressure washing. Had the heater core tested, it was good. I repainted all of the assembly parts including the hardware before I reassembled it. The plastic vents and air channels were just washed until very clean.

It is a job that is worth your time to complete. Problem is all of the "while I am there" tasks. Might as well do them now.

Keep us posted.
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