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Greetings all,
Wish I had found this list before I embarked on my Duetto restoration journey. A couple of years ago I hauled home a 67 Duetto that had been sitting in my fathers barn in Minnesota for close to 30 years. My father gave it new paint, upholstery and carpet before parking back in 1976 after the brake calipers froze up and the clutch started slipping. After trailering it back home to Bellingham Washington I discovered more than just the brakes were frozen. The local rodents had gone through what was left of the exhaust system and trashed the cylinders with nuts and droppings. The car has 56K on it and is all original. In the last couple of years I’ve rebuilt the engine, brakes/lines, exhaust, fuel tank/lines, top, ball joints, tie-rods - etc... you get the picture! As you all know this car is a blast to drive and is now my motorcycle replacement (last summer alone I witnessed 2 M-cycle fatalities on my bike), just as fun without having to wear all that gear!

The most frustrating part of the work has been the fact that I had to pull the engine again after the NEW main seal started leaking, the spring had come apart that keeps the seal tight around the crank. I also discovered a pin hole in the NEW water pump casting causing an oil leak out of the tach drive. I guess you could say they don’t build ‘em like they used to!

Some Misc. questions:
I replaced the output shaft seal on the transmission while I had it out the second time and it seems I’m getting more leaking in that area now. Not sure if it’s the seal or those two vents on the top by the gear selector, I made sure to smooth the shaft with fine emery cloth to remove any rust and put the trans. on end to test and there was no leaking before installation, any ideas?

I’m also wondering where the 2 large springs go for the top frame (if at all).

Also it seems my lower control arm bushings need replacing (creaking) and wondering how much of a wrestling match it is going to be to pull the old ones.
Thanks for the support!
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