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Snagged a 1987 Spider Veloce locally. From everything I see, it has been well loved with 56,000 miles. Has been local (NH & VT) since coming off lease in 1991 with 31k miles.

Short term goal is to enjoy the heck out of it this summer. I need to sort out a few non-functioning lights - courtesy lights, fuse box, under hood, one of the three license plate lamps.

At some point I will need to get into the passenger door to figure out why it will not lock, either with the handle inside, or the key.

Look forward to mining the resources here on the board.

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Hi John, welcome to the BB! enjoy your Spider :cool: Check out the Spider Tech section for more help.

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Welcome! Come on down to the Spider section - lots of traffic there.

The most common fix for electrical issues is to clean any ground connections you can find (typically black wires).

There is an interior lamp timer relay in the fuse box that is supposed to keep the courtesy lights on for ~ 30 seconds after the door is closed. That relay often fails then the lights don't work at all. I bypassed it with a simple jumper wire - see the attached photo.

Also the footwell lamp's lens also acts as a switch. There are three positions depending on which way the lens is moved - always off, automatic (with the doors) and always on. Often the lens gets moved away from automatic - then it either drains the battery or leaves the unknowing wondering why it doesn't work...

One more thing - photos. We likes photos so we think you should post some. They could even be of your Spider!


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Welcome, John. Hope you enjoy your Alfa and the BB.


" i am from the NH Seacoast!"

Some of my ancestors lived just about 4 miles inland from Kittery, on State Road I believe. On old maps there is a place called 'Gould's Corner' named after one of them. Don't know the dates, but in the late 1800's. Most of the rest of them lived further north in Maine, from Belfast to Gouldsboro in the mid 1800's before they eventually moved to North Dakota for free land.

Every time we drive through Kittery we have lobster lunch (yum) at Warren's.

No Alfas in the family until I bought them, however, lol.
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