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Good morning Alfisti,

I just received my 1974 Alfa Romeo GTV yesterday. It was listed at BHCC and is in running condition but unrestored. My main aim is to get it fixed up so that I can drive it on a daily basis.

- While I purchased the car in Los Angeles, I cannot be sure that is where BHCC got it from. It is not a US-spec car as it has the Weber carbs and the speedometer is in km/h. I have the vehicle number (AR2443083) and the engine number (1Z (?) 005512*28920) so figuring out the original country of sale would be interesting.. do I just contact Marco Fazio?

  • The engine starts up easily and runs fine.. well except that the cover on the airbox had come off so that surely screws up the air/fuel mixture.
  • I can reverse and all 5 gears engage. I am having some difficulty engaging second gear smoothly (without some gear grinding noise). Could just be me but I will monitor.
  • Braking was.. well far worse than my 4Runner.
  • Rear right coil spring is broken. The two pieces of coil sit on top of each other so this clearly needs fixing.
  • As for the rest of the underside... let's just say here there be dragons. Will update when I can .
Plan of action is to take take detailed photos of well pretty much anything this weekend, then take it to Rich at Continental Motors to get a basic service and determine if there is any need of work on that end.

Given that one of the coil springs has failed completely, replacing them and the dampeners all around is a logical first project. I might do brakes and bushings at the same time.

I will update with more photos this weekend.


Willow Glen, CA
I might be a Candian delivered car, the side marker lights are not correct. A Candian car would explain the speedo in KMs. Write to Alfa and get a COA.

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OP here... you guys are quick, I only just noticed the car is back on sale on their website. I have not been back on the forum so my apologies for not replying to any questions.

According to the settlement agreement, I can only state "that the matter has been amicably resolved."

I can therefore say very little.

My one piece of hard earned advice: do NOT skip the pre-purchase inspection on a vehicle this old.
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