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Dinner Suggestion for Santa fe....
La Choza... St Francis and Cerrillos.. some of the best Mexican Food and excellent green chili in the area. Parking is fenced and has a evening security guard... Manager is Billy Vigil. call ahead and see... they might be able to reserve a whole area for you. Close to downtown and railyard. Reasonable $$, great food and drinks...Outside and inside sections.. coyote fencing around it.

Or...hmm.... Santa Fe Bar and Grill.. Close to the highway to Taos, local, close to downtown. Very good food, reasonable prices, parking right outside, and outside cozy fenced in table area for the group.

OR.... Pranzo's Italian Grill... Sanbusco Plaza... decent close by parking, excellent food, a roof top dining area... close to railyard.... a bit more $..

ORR...A bit more 'local' , excellent food and prices and location just east of town. Harry's Roadhouse cafe... not sure about reservations.. but a unique and great place. Good parking, easy to watch, along the Old Las Vegas Highway...

PM me if these interest you. I live here in SFlee. can help coordinate, point and shoot..etc...
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