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new member needs some advice

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Hello all. :)
I've spent the last month or so looking for a late 60s, early 70s GTV.
I'd like to find one that is relatively cheap that I can spend some time restoring, but at least runs well and is solid.
I'd like to build the car to race on the track, but also have it look good enough to take to local car shows.

What should I look for? a GTV 1750? or a 2000? Or something else all together?
How easy are these cars to work on?
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Welcome to the BB! You can get most of your answers in the specific GTV forum and check in the Classifieds. There are several good GTVs for sale, it all depends on your definition of "relatively cheap". The AlfaBB is a wealth of information. Take the time to browse around and don't be afraid of asking any question at all. We were all "newbies" to Alfas at one time or another.
Welcome. Where in the internets are you located? And define 'relatively cheap'? You do realize that for a track car your choices are 'cheap' 'fast' & 'reliable' (pick two).

Mechanically I don't think they are that much different from other cars. SPICA (an Alfa-only mechanical fuel injection system) can be an expensive repair if not properly serviced & maintained (and since it is not a commonly found system if an unknowledgable owner/mechanic messes it up the dollars add up quick...).

If you really want cheap + fast consider a Milano. It is not (yet) a classic like the GTV but its V6 engine, rear transaxle and excellent handling combined with relatively low purchase price will bring the biggest smile per dollar ratio.
Thanks for the replies.
I live in Wichita, KS. Not many car clubs out here. :(
Isn't a Milano a 4 door? I'm really looking for a 2 door coupe pre-1974. Something that I can restore, but still add some aftermarket upgrades to improve handling.
My estimate on the 'cheap' side is anything below 10k... though I've seen some GTVs for ~15k that look decent.

To be honest, I'm not even sure if a GTV is what I'm looking for. It just 'looks' like the type of car I'm looking for. Something small, 2 dr coupe, that can be entered into some historic races... but that is alot of fun to drive.

I currently have a VERY fast modern car that is setup for the track, but can still be driven on the street. Unfortunately it's just too fast and too powerful to actually enjoy driving.

some of the other cars I've looked at are:
1965 Porsche 356SC
1969 Triumph GT6

However there is something 'unique' about the Alfa Romeo.

Thanks again!
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Doug -
Last time I checked there was a Spider all set up for the track that Bernie Mermis was selling in Wichita. AlfaCliff on the bb lives in Augusta and he might have some recommendations for you. I have some other contacts in the Wichita, OKC, Tulsa, KC, area that might be able to point you in a direction. Drop me a pm with your e-mail address and I'll be glad to share....

Good luck. Oh, and welcome to the addiction!!
thanks... PM sent. I'm not really interested in a Spider though... want to stay with the 2 door coupes.
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