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New member intro ... 1978 spider to restore & w/pics of my restorations of riva boat

Hello all... I'm new to this site so I thought I'd introduce myself.

I've just bought my first Alfa car... a SPICA equipped 1978 Spider Veloce 2000.

I want to aim for good user that will not be further molested but have a couple of changes for use and reliability that can easily be reversed to original.

I'm hoping that I can draw from the wisdom of those on here

...and contribute where I can, as well, as MY "Alfa Journey" progresses.

Ciao a presto!



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I too have a '78 Spider(which is the best year) and have worked on a transom rebuild and re-finish of a Riva Aquamarine. What an amazing experience that was!
Would love to see pictures of your boat re-builds.
If you need any info , advice or suggestions on keeping that beauty as a driver, just pm me, be glad to be of service.
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