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Hi folks,
I’m new to the forum and hope the community here can share knowledge to either persuade me to be a regular member or help me avoid a catastrophic mistake!

I’ve been looking for a project for a few years, one car that appears from time to time is the 2600 SZ #037 currently in Belgium. It’s recognisable and a seemingly well known car, I’m surprised it’s not been restored in recent years. What can people tell me?

Thanks in advance,
A friend just made me aware of this thread. #037 is not in Belgium -- it never left the USA after Dan Rapley offered it a few years ago (see this thread and this link), and since then was the subject of several scamming attempts with pictures that were ripped off his sale. The car is/has been restored (I would have to look up my files and/or check the latest status with the owner) and I'm pretty sure it's not for sale.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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