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I just had my rebuilt 78 spider engine with a new Wes ingram HP pump pretested for CA smog. I showed very rich a idle which was slow (600 rpm) and high NO at load. The smog book indicated the NO problem might be an engine running too hot, mine is at about 200 degrees, or too much advance,mine was at 36 degrees, or a bad catylitic converter.
I need help in getting the idel speed increased a bit say to 750 rpm maybe 1000rpm then leaned out some. I plan to back off the timing to 33 degrees and add some water wetter to the cooling system.
The rebuild was complete from top to bottom but added 11 mm cams big valves ,and 10:1 motronic pistons. The car runs great and is very strong but need these few adjustments.
When I try thr adjustment with the idle air screw it seems to do nothing.
So how to I increase idle speed and air?
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