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new bumper guards finally received

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i finally received my custom made bumper guards for my parking garage.

they make universal one's but i needed a custom one for the rear bumper because of the position of the tail pipe.

cost me $100


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Great idea... never seen those before.

I sorta thought of the same thing but mine fit on the sides under your car cover to prevent door dings.

most nice cars that park here in parking garages have them.
nice but kinda sad/funny. reminds me of a dog with diapers
I see those all the time in NYC parking garages and always wondered about them - great idea! I'm sure they will go a long way in keeping that Veloce beautiful.

Very nice color combo by the way! Love the tan/green.
Sad that people even need them.

But hey, I guess you never know when Britney will show up......
nice but kinda sad/funny. reminds me of a dog with diapers
So true. It's sad the measure you have to take to fend off the morons out there.
better safe then sorry.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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