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New blu 74

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Picked this up a few months ago after I sold my 72. Pretty much rust free but for good measure I replaced the outer rockers,spare tire tub and the lower front section. Did all the body work myself then sent her off for paint.
Im blocking the single stage down and fixing a few little low spots, then off to the booth again for another round. Should be done in a month or so.


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Love the color!

great color for a GTV, but I'm biased!!
french blue or le mans blue?
lemans,# 348 although the original color was much lighter IMO , sun bleached no doubt, The darker shade is growing on me.Im going to paint in the GTA stripe and clover in a few days. Right now Im chasing the body lines which were dulled over during the final blocking. I have a neat trick to find them 'again'
I am using masking tape to find the line, actually I put the tape about 1/16 below the edge of the line ,Then I hit it with some rattle can red. and then
block down to as close to the 'edge' as I can , leaving about an 1/8 in. of red above the tape. Now I can see where the edge radius starts and where it truns into another plane.
I remove the tape and block 'up' to the red line until I have a consistent 1/8 +- line through the entire panel.
It took me about 10 mins. per panel once I learned this trick, Super easy and painfully obvious showing imperfections.


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