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New Australian Alfa forum.

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I have just started developing a new alfa forum based in Australia. As I develop the site over the coming weeks and months. What I really want is the site to be for its users. Register and post your feedback on what you think would make for a great forum. • Index page
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Making some progress.

We have made some progress with this new forum so come check it out.
Getting plenty of viewers so register and participate.

I have some alfa parts I will be giving away as i clean out my old shed. Its a good way to prostitute my site and I would rather see the stuff being used than throw it away so stay tuned. • Index page
Free alfa 33 window regulator.

Pictures and info here. • Index page
not to be a spoil sport, but we would love to have you over at


we need some more early series car owners!! (although there are plenty of 75s, GTV's, 164s, 166s, and one really nice 155!!! to name a few)

there are plenty of members from all around australia, with meets and other events often organised

come and say hi !

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The SA scene on ausalfa isn't to popular
Why don't you just join your state chapter of the Alfa Romeo Owners Club and participate in a fantastic set up of social, competition and online activities? I'm on the committee of AROCA Qld, so feel free to give honest feedback if you think we're not meeting your needs or expectations. Always open to suggestions.

Cheers, Brent
Just a bump in order to advertise some cheap parts and some freebies that are still sitting around in the way.

Been really slack with the web site. Forgot I even had it for a few months. Its hard to compair with Alfa BB but I'm still keen. Things just take time.
hello for sunny Adelaide (went it not rain)lol.
would any one have a set for exhaust manifold for a v6 12v any think but casted eg
steel pipe, old crack headers maybe somthing i could get welded up.
any help would be great.
sorry wrong place
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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